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10846787662?profile=RESIZE_400xThe authenticity and origin of animal-derived foods are important for consumer information and prevention of food fraud. This review examines the current research techniques for verifying the authenticity and origin of animal-derived foods, in particular using stable isotope ratio analysis and spectroscopic techniques coupled with chemometrics. It covers meat, dairy, and seafood products, as well as honey. It also includes the new trend of analysing the inedible parts of animals to verify their origin.

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9405396455?profile=RESIZE_710xIn spring 2021, Oceana Canada tested 94 seafood samples from retailers and restaurants in four major
Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax and found that of the samples tested, 46 per cent were mislabelled.

This is consistent with national testing conducted between 2017-2019, which showed that 47 per cent of 472 seafood samples tested were mislabelled in some way. Of these,
51 per cent of 373 samples were previously mislabelled in the same four cities tested.

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