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Food authenticity, primary production and allergen management

Dear all I would like to recommend you reading the latest update from Australian Allergen Bureau "Unexpected allergens in food" from January 2021. The document includes good information about Agricultural co-mingling and food fraud issues related to allergen management and can be be downloaded from  Best regards, Anders Nilsson

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Orfito by Onatera

I am trying to find out if a brand of vitamins & supplements called Orfito, which are exclusively sold by, are legitimate or a scam. They are priced dramatically lower than other brands, and they say that their independent tests aren't public. What can I do?

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Help shape the future of the Agents and Brokers Standard

BRCGS is revising its Agents and Brokers Standard to ensure that it incorporates the latest industry dynamics and operational practices. The Standard provides a framework for managing product safety, product authenticity, quality and legality for operators that buy, sell or facilitate the trade of products in the food, packaging and consumer products industries.Agents and Brokers provide a critical link in the movement and trade of products, and influence supplier product safety, product…

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Effect of Covid-19 Outbreak on Food Supply

News blogs on this website indicate that fraud is likely to increase at least in the short to medium term because of the effects on the food supply not only in the UK but globally caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The risk increases when a particular food becomes in short supply due to lack of manpower to harvest or process it, disruption to transport and storage in the Covid-19 fallout. I am inviting members of the Food Authenticity Network to share any information or intelligence they may have learned on food supplies, which would be of assistance to other members of the Network, the food industry and regulators.  

If you prefer to remain anonymous that perfectly understandable.

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