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 10800246475?profile=RESIZE_710xA three-dimensional paper-based microfluidic device has been designed and fabricated to simultaneously detect multiple chemical adulterants in milk using a visual colourimetric indicator. 

It is intended as a quick and cheap screening test for use in developing countries.  

The authors propose that it could be used by consumers to check milk before consumption.

It was shown to detect urea, detergents, soap, starch, hydrogen peroxide, sodium-hydrogen-carbonate, and salt which had been added to milk at concentrations between 0.05% and 0.2% v/v.

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DG-Sante has told Italy it is infringing fish hygiene rules by treating squid with hydrogen peroxide. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide not only whitens the squid to falsify its quality, but acts as a preservative to extend shelf life.

Read the article at: http://barfblog.com/2016/06/food-fraud-eu-warns-italy-to-stop-treating-squid-with-hydrogen-peroxide/


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