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Methods to distinguish crops grown on synthetic fertilisation regimes and organic fertilisation regimes have used nitrogen and oxygen stable isotopes or metabolomics to authenticate growing practices. This research look at the metabolites from tomatoes grown on synthetic and organic fertiliser regimes with synthetic and natural crop protection substances. Using LC-HRMS, the metabolite profile revealed the presence of a compound later identified as gerberin. The levels of gerberin correlated negatively with the presence of synthetic fertilisers, and therefore could be used a biomarker for distinguishing agricultural practices and verifying organic production. 

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Italy has announced plans to bring in mandatory origin labelling for tomato-based products, bypassing EU procedures and sparking fears for the unity of Europe's single market.

The move comes just weeks after Italian authorities unveiled a decree implement a two-year trial for mandatory origin labelling for pasta and rice , requiring manufacturers to indicate the country of origin of the grains used to manufacture processed rice and pasta items on packaging.

Italy also has origin labelling for dairy products.

The move is intended to counter growing competition coming from imports of Chinese tomato puree which, according to Coldiretti, the association that represents the Italian agricultural sector, increased by 43% in 2016.

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