Chair: Professor Lisa Ackerley: Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, Independent Food Safety Advisor, visiting Professor at University of Salford and Food Safety Advisor to UK Hospitality. Co-founder of Kitchen Conversations.

Speaker Sterling Crew: Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, Managing Director of SQS Ltd, Chair of The Food Authenticity Network’s Advisory Board and the IFST Food Safety Group. Co-founder of Kitchen Conversations.

Sterling Crew will review the food safety challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the food sector’s management and control measures.

The webinar will cover many aspects of food safety management, including issues such as:

  • Whether food and food packaging are sources or transmission routes for Covid-19
  • The impact which the restrictions put in place to control the global pandemic can have on food safety
  • The potential for food fraud due to the pandemic
  • How controlling the pandemic impacts the Food Safety Management Systems for food businesses.

The webinar will be of interest to those working in food businesses, Environmental Health Practitioners and all those interested in food safety and infection control.

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